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Resource Library: Fracture Therapy

Fracture Therapy

At the Veterinary Surgical Center, we offer a complete selection of surgical steel and titanium implants to repair all types of fractures in small animal patients. We have digital radiographs and fluoroscopy to allow us to obtain ideal images for pre-operative planning and further decisions during surgery and for performing minimally invasive fracture repairs and hip luxations. We have a full inventory of implants including external fixators, locking plates, low contact DCP plates, CRIF fracture system, bone grafts with or without platelet rich plasma, interlocking nails and mini implants for small dogs and cats. When considering the optimal method of fracture repair, the affected bone, other existing injuries, condition of the soft tissues covering the bone, weight of the patient, age and level of activity will be carefully assessed to determine the optimal method of fracture repair. Pain management is an important aspect of fracture management while in the hospital and convalescing at home.

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